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Wilkerson Instrument Co.,Inc.
2915 Parkway Street
Suite 100

Lakeland, FL 33811  USA

Toll Free: 800-234-1343
Phone: 863-647-2000
Fax: 863-644-5318

Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc. was started in October, 1983 in the home of its founder, Joe Wilkerson. Its early beginnings were focused on special project designs for a wide variety of process control projects. Several notable projects included rack based NiCad battery testers to allow the manufacturer to sort the thousands of charged batteries by their quality. Several precision valve position indicators were designed and installed to measure the position of bypass valves used to control flow of polyester through filters so the dirty side could be cleaned. Time and speed control units were developed for centrifuges to make precision measurements on citrus juice to determine the ratio of juice to solids. These 3 projects provided the majority of the operating capital needed to make Wilkerson Instrument Co. profitable.

Within 6 months of its launch, Wilkerson Instrument’s had several Mighty Module signal conditioners and alarm trips in the market. The company’s early growth and success for this Mighty Module line of signal conditioners was achieved by the performance and quality of its products. Fast shipping, typically 2 to 3 days, (with no expedite fees ever); became a company standard. The first products have gone through several redesigns over the years due to better components and surface mounting of components.

The 1990’s were a decade of new product design such as the DinMod (DM) aluminum DIN rail enclosure, Silver Series (SR) 50mm hockey puck 2 wire transmitters, and microprocessor based temperature transmitters. Each new product line focused on specific needs of the signal conditioning and measurement market. With these new product lines Wilkerson Instrument has continued to grow and earn a name for quality and dependability. It is not uncommon for Wilkerson Instrument Company products to be field reliable for up to 20 years.

In 2004, Wilkerson Instrument Co. introduced wireless data acquisition products to its line of products and has expanded the line to provide point-to-point, bi-directional, and multi-point polling Modbus RTU systems. The DR9000 (DR) series of wireless products have found great appeal in the oil industry, water, wastewater, and many other applications in many countries.

Many third party products were added to the company’s sales organization in 2008. This addition allowed the company to present a full spectrum of products for flow measurement, surge protection, rate counters and controllers, and variable speed drive controllers.

The company now occupies its own 15,000 sq. ft. specially design manufacturing facility in Lakeland, FL, USA. All products bearing the Wilkerson Instrument Company name are designed and manufactured in this facility.

For thirty years, Wilkerson Instrument Co. has made its reputation by providing high quality instrumentation products, with excellent technical performance and support, to a global base of customers.

We continually strive to define, design, and manufacture new products that solve problems for users in process industries.

Our large customer base reaches into diversified markets:

  • Electric Power Generation
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment and Control
  • Food & Beverage
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • OEM


Solutions Provider for Signal Conditioning and Process Control Instrumentation

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