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DR6305 Three Ø Phase Monitor / Transmitter / Alarm

DR6305 Picture

The DR6305 measures voltage of 2 phases of a 3 phase system and continuously monitors Phase voltage with 0/20mA and 0/-20mA alternating outputs.  The unit requires only a single bipolar input on a PLC for monitoring.  The DR6305 features alarm outputs for phase loss and phase reversal.  LED's indicate which phase is being monitored, phase loss and phase reversal.  Input Voltage is jumper selectable for 240 and 480 VAC systems

DR1920 Duplex Lift Station Back-Up Pump Controller

DR1920 PictureThe DR1920 is typically used as a back-up for primary level controls. It prevents sewage overflows in lift stations by monitoring a back-up level alarm and starting up to two pumps when the high alarm switch contacts close. An alarm starts Pump 1 and Timer 1. If the alarm switch does not open before Timer 1 times out, Pump 2 is started. If the alarm switch opens during Timer 1 , Pump 2 is not started. When the alarm switch opens, Timer 2 is started and the pump(s) run until Timer 2 times out and stops the pump(s) and resets the timers.

The DR1920 is an ideal back-up to PLC, RTU, microprocessor and relay controls.

LM1000 Level Monitor System

LM1000 PictureThe LM1000 is the ideal level monitor, control, indicator and sensor calibrator for lift stations, pump stations, wet wells and tanks. Using the LS1000 pressure transmitter, the LM1000 is an excellent replacement for maintenance demanding bubbler systems. The LM1000 features an LED digital display that indicates level in the LEVEL mode and loop current in the CURRENT mode. A significant feature is the ability to create a 4-20 mADC signal by means of a front panel potentiometer. The ability to accurately create and display 4-20 mA allows the user to accurately calibrate the display in Feet and the Alarm setpoint and deadband. The alarm relay output with an adjustable setpoint and deadband allows the unit to be used as a level alarm or level control. A retransmitted 4-20 mADC output from the Level Monitor is provided for input to a PLC or SCADA system. The LM1000 includes a 24 VDC power supply to power the pressure transmitter. The LM1000 is available in a panel mount version or pre-mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure with window. 

LS1000 Submersible Level Sensor
Pressure Transducer / Transmitter

LS1000The LS1000 pressure transmitter features a rugged mechanical design to protect the 2.5 inch sensing diaphragm from mechanical damage. The electronics are housed in a hermetically sealed package. The transmitter features a surge protected standard process 4-20 mADC output signal. The sensor is available in several pressure ratings and comes complete with a standard 40 ft vented, coated, waterproof cable and permanent desiccant filter. Longer lengths are available.

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